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Coming attractions

As we discussed in our plan for this blog, you play a large role in making its success—by following us and by joining in the conversation. Start to help us by looking over the list of possible topic types below; then, add topics or subjects you want to see—or questions you want us to answer—in the comments section.

Future Topics

Future topics

Part of the Museum of History’s mission is to help people understand how the past influences the present. In line with this goal, we intend to provoke your thoughts with future posts that might include

  • Windows into the past. We’ll introduce ideas that focus on everyday life, holidays, social issues, human interest stories, and more.
  • Museum artifacts. Did you know that, on average, 80 percent of any museum’s objects are in storage? The Museum of History is no different, and this blog will be our opportunity to share some of our treasures with you and to tell you stories that are seldom heard.
  • A glimpse behind the curtain. Occasionally, we’ll throw in a post in which you meet some of the creative personalities that work backstage and see what is needed to work at the museum.

Be sure not to miss future posts by following A Place & Time, a free blog about North Carolina and history.


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