About this blog . . .

Do you think history is boring?

You’re probably nodding your head yes, especially if your memory takes you back to high school, state-mandated textbooks, and standardized tests. Yes, you remember it right . . . mind-numbing dates and names and tedious lists! But believe me, your teachers were likely just as bored as you were, standing in front of the class and drumming that dry information into your brains all day.

The North Carolina Museum of History in Raleigh has begun this blog, A Place & Time, to win you back from all those bad memories and, if you are not already, get you hooked on history—because history can be interesting and alive, not boring numbers and the same old people and events! The Museum of History invites you to see for yourself by visiting A Place & Time on a regular basis or by using the follow button above to receive updates.

What makes a successful blog?

YOU do, by following us and joining in the conversation, and this blog, A Place & Time, was created with the hope that you will jump right in with us. Comment, ask questions, add your experiences, and suggest ideas. That’s how we will measure our success!

So, join us. Read, follow, enjoy. And, when you have something to share, dive into that comments box. If we miss something or you think of an interesting tangent, let us know that, too: add topics or subjects you want to see—or questions you want us to answer. That’s what makes a successful blog—and that’s what makes history relevant and interesting.

What will we tackle?

In general, we will target readers who have inquisitive minds, who consider themselves lifelong learners, and who may not have the time, or ability, to visit a history museum. We will do our best to introduce you to a wide range of subjects, topics, and stories. With that in mind posts on A Place & Time will consist of

  • Shorter pieces. That’s not to say historical facts will be trivialized; instead, they will just be simple and more succinct—after all, “less is more.”
  • Images. We truly believe “a picture is worth a thousand words” —and we know that most of you are visual, too—so, we can’t wait to share what we’ve got with you.
  • Links. We’ll help lead you to additional resources as we can—other roads to travel, so to speak.

In particular, this blog is for everyone who loves North Carolina history and relishes stories and facts that are presented in a more informal—and brief—format. Part of the Museum of History’s mission is to help people relate to the stories of our pasts and to understand how those pasts influence the present. In line with our goals, we intend to provoke your thoughts with future posts that might include

  • Windows into the past. We’ll introduce ideas that focus on everyday life, holidays, social issues, human interest stories, and more.
  • Museum artifacts. Did you know that, on average, 80 percent of any museum’s objects are in storage? The Museum of History is no different, and this blog will be our opportunity to share some of our treasures with you and to tell you stories that are seldom heard.
  • A glimpse behind the curtain. Occasionally, we’ll throw in a post in which you meet some of the creative personalities that work backstage and see what is needed to work at the museum.

That’s it—that’s the plan. Those are our goals. Let’s dive in . . .


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